(Taken from onlypenang.com)

Paradise in Penang Avatar Secret Garden!

A new attraction is in Penang and it is beautiful- the Penang Avatar Secret Garden. As the name may suggest, this attraction imitates the wonderful Pandora world from the blockbuster hit Avatar (2009). The movie shows the beauty of dazzling colours in the forest as they inspire and wow the audience. Now, Penang Avatar Secret Garden brings the movie to life.

Located at Tanjung Tokong, this Penang attraction comes alive at night; many different lights are placed on trees to give a fantastic view like never seen before. The colours are vibrant and blend harmoniously to bring you into a dream-like fantasy. As you walk around and admire this beauty, you can take pictures and appreciate the dazzling display. This whole experience is free as there are no charges at all! As the highlight are the lights, it is best to come at night when the sky is dark for the colours to pop. There is also a seafood restaurant nearby for you to have a good meal and a temple to visit. This is quickly becoming a must-see attraction in Penang so bring your family and friends to the Penang Avatar Secret Garden!


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